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In the mountains around Nairobi, Kenya, and more precisely close to the village of Ngong, there is a place where education, protection, creativity and initiative have come together to give hope for a better future and a great opportunity for a group of Kenyan girls. Anita’s Home is part of the Koinonia Community projects for former street girls.

Grace Orsolato went to Anita’s Home for the first time in 2002 for a volunteer camp and was so impressed with the stories of the girls that she went back every summer as the responsible of the camp, seeing the girls growing and becoming young women. They all finished high school but because some of them didn’t do very well in school, they were provided with a scholarship and ended up being home re-integrated. Going home back into the slums of Nairobi, without a job and facing difficult family situations and relationships was not easy to to deal with. In December 2009, Grace, after hearing about the girls not doing so well, quit her daily administration job at the very established firm Pirelli and moved to Anita’s Home for creating Get Together Girls Collection (GtoG), a tailoring project for them. She brought all the sewing machines and the rest of the equipment to Kenya and had her friend, the Italian stylist Roberta Vincenzi, hosting a free tailoring course, allowing them to learn the basics of the craft with great enthusiasm.

The name of the collection represents the reunion of these girls that grew up together at Anita’s home during their childhood. Get Together Girls Collection has celebrated two years of activity on February 25th. Until today, with Grace’s supervision, the six girls left in the project created the spirit of the collection. Some of them also manage the business aspects with the use of computers and the management of the orders. Their daily pay allows them to conduct a better life standard considering the poverty and unemployment in Kenya and they all live close to Anita’s Home. They all work during the day and attend some school classes at night. Among the peaceful environment of Anita’s Home, the colorful and creative activities of GtoG and the struggles of their daily lives, there is always the will and the awareness that they can hope and aim for a better future.