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Grazia “Grace” Orsolato
Grace, born and raised in Milan, left her administration job at Pirelli in 2009, after 14 years working between Switzerland and Milan. Since 2002 she volunteered with the Ngo Amani Onlus participating at the August work camps that took her to Kenya and Zambia. She found herself keeping on going back to Kenya, to Anita’s Home, where she met many street children that she really got attached to. The reason for leaving her job in 2009 was to be able to create a tailoring project that would give the former street girls she met at Anita’s Home, now young women between 18 and 22 years old, the possibility to have a job and become self realiant to be able to support themselves and their families. Grace lives in Nairobi all year round and till this day she doesn’t regret having left her job in Italy.

Monicah is one of the three mums in GtoG. Her daughter, Shiko, is 3 years old.
Life has not been kind to Monicah, with the loss of her mom when as a child she was living in Anita’s Home, the loss of her sister and also the death of her boyfriend a couple of months after she had given birth. Monicah is one of the sewer of GtoG and thanks to this job she can support her daughter.

Esther arrived at Anita’s Home after running away from home, after her dad wanted to make her marry an old man. Esther is one of the sewers and quality controller of everything that is produced at GtoG. Esther lives in Ngong by herself and she is able through this job to support and help her mom, who still lives in the slum of Kibera.

Teresia is the only one of the girls that has not lived at Anita’s Home during her childhood but has been supported by Koinonia through the Outreach Program, living with her family. Teresia lives in the Mathare slum in Ngong in order to support her mother and her nephew. She is the cutter of GtoG and also takes care of some of the business aspects of GtoG.
Teresia graduated after completing her night classes after her daily work days at GtoG.

Hellen grew up in the streets of Nairobi after her mother was arrested. She lives in several rehabilitation centers before ending up to Anita’s Home. Her mother now still lives in Mathare, one of the slums of Nairobi and Hellen supports her as much as possible. Hellen works in the GtoG shop that is located at Shalom’s House and spends most of her days selling and talking about the GtoG project to many tourists and local people that she meets everyday.

Mary is the mother of Irungu, the baby boy who makes Grace go crazy during the GtoG work days. Mary is one of the sewer of the projects, even though she had got a college scholarship to become an obstetrician that she had to give up because she got pregnant. A couple of months after discovering she was expecting, Mary’s boyfriend was killed. A strong, mature woman, Mary is the oldest of the girls of GtoG.

Irene is the most recent mom of the GtoG group. She is one of the sewers of the project. Very quite young woman but definitely very smart, Irene has had a difficult childhood in the streets. She lives with Monicah in Ngong and manages to help her mother who lives in the countryside. Irene graduated this year taking night classes after her daily work at GtoG.

Jack “Fundi” is a local tailor from Ngong who has joined GtoG after the departure of Roberta Vincenzi, the fashion designer from Milan that started the project with Grace. “Fundi” is the only man in the group and for this reason he is like a sort of father figure for the girls, helping them also if they need something in their houses. “Fundi” in fact means handy man. Jack lives in Ngong where he also has a tailoring shop where he sells very traditional suites and dresses for the locals. Jack is has four children and he is also a priest and a builder of guitars.

Teresa met Grace at Anita’s Home during the summer work camp. After the start of the project, she told Grace she was available in spending a month with her and the girls to supervise them in the tailoring, since she studied Wardrobe and Costume Design for the Theater in Italy. She ended up spending three months with the GtoG girls, helping them with sewing lessons and coming up with new creation.